Day 19 – Onto Dar es Salaam

A sunrise departure today was perfect to spot some game on our way through the Mikumi National Park. From time to time there are parks with main roads running through them and you can get some free spots of some animals. This morning we saw all sorts – Buffalo, baboons, wildebeest, impala and a few giraffes too.

My hair was also wicked:


Our destination today was Dar es Salaam – the commercial capital of Tanzania (Dodoma is the official capital but is tiny in comparison). Dar es Salaam was hot and humid but it was nice to see an urban centre and the associated activities again.

Dar Es Salaam

Aside from the normal shops you’d expect to see in a town we noted the coffin salesmen were fairly prominent – not least those showing off their lines of coffins for children. Quite a dark sight indeed.

Starting to get obsessed with the quality of the roads we’re on – it makes quite a big difference to our traveling comfort. Roads in Tanzania are not too bad on the face of it, but apparently over-weight trucks often drive on new roads before they are ready to be used, creating big groves where their wheels were and a few bumps for us.


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