Day 16: Kande Beach to Chitimba Beach

Chitimba is also on Lake Malawi, but just a few hundred kms north. It was great to have a relatively short drive to another beautiful place before facing several days of long driving in Tanzania.

On our way we passed a rubber tree plantation. Latex is harvested from the trees, a bit like maple syrup. These plastic receptacles pierce into the trunk and the latex is collected several times each day.


It was INCREDIBLY hot. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so hot. Rich was just starting to feel better, so we spent the day in the shade sleeping and reading.

Feeling a bit too lazy, we finally decided to go for a walk on the beach. We came across some kids – the conversation went like this:

6 year old kid: “Hi… what’s your name?”

Rich: “Hi… I’m Rich. What’s your name?”

6 year old kid: “I’m [John]. (I can’t remember his real name). Money?”

At least they were cute and weren’t too disappointed when we politely declined their request.



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