Day 6: Onward to Chobe National Park

There are a few things you aim to avoid on your birthday, and extreme sickness is one of them. Unfortunately, poor B’s green-ness from our scenic flight evolved into something more debilitating – sore throat, aching back, upset stomach, headaches. We started using some of the antibiotics our Canadian doctor had prescribed in case we were really sick but not near a doctor – and it was definitely necessary. B was not a happy camper, and although she put on a brave face when the whole group sang happy birthday at breakfast, it was not going to be a great day šŸ˜¦

More positively, I’d arranged an upgrade to our accommodation for this night so we didn’t need to worry about pitching or sleeping in our tent. So when we arrived at Kasane in northern Botswana, B could snuggle up in a proper bed with air conditioning and recover.

B did miss, however, the sunset cruise on the Chobe river. The river marks the border of 4 countries – Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia – which is quite cool and provides opportunities to spot wildlife beside the river. The highlight here was getting up-close with hippos. We could see them swimming around, as well as then grazing in the long grass on the bank. We also spotted crocodiles, baboons and the near-ubiquitous impala.

Alas, this day will go down as “the worst birthday ever” for little B. But we agreed we’d arrange a replay another day instead!

We did see some amazing elephants along the road on our way to Chobe – so here’s a picture for you to enjoy today:



One response to “Day 6: Onward to Chobe National Park

  1. So sorry B had a sick bday (and not like the good “sick”)! Glad to read that things were on the up and up by the next day though!

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