Day 10: Lusaka to Chipata

Do you notice a theme of early days and long drives? Today was another one of those, on our way to Chipata. Chipata was just a logical stop on our way to South Luangwa National Park – so the big news is more roadside bathroom breaks and hours staring out the window. We thought we’d share some of the things we saw during our hours of staring out of the window:

* Kids in Zambia are so excited to see us – I don’t think I’ve seen any who haven’t rushed to the road just to wave at the “Mzungus” (white people). I think we’ve spent 2 hours just waving and smiling at kids.

* Most advertisements are in English. One we’ve seen a lot of is for a ceramic tile company called, “Harvey Tile,” which has two of the best slogans we’ve heard in a long time: “Life without Harvey Tile is like life without love.” and “Life without Harvey Tile is like a farmer with no farm land.” These ads are almost as prevalent as Coca-Cola ads and often painted on random cement walls.

* Some homes are mud with thatched roofs and others are brick with metal roofs. For the majority of brick homes, their roofs were attached simply by placing large stones on the metal roof. I guess a simple and, hopefully, effective solution to keep the roof attached!


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