Here we go!

Our journey has started! Christmas in Prestwood has been very nice. Different than a typical Christmas in Reynoldsville, but the same key themes: loving family, wonderful food, generous gifts, and just a wonderful relaxed day. Though I’ve missed my family, I really couldn’t ask for a better family to spend Christmas with.

Rich and I only arrived on Christmas Eve and are not only getting over a bit of jet lag, but also just recovering from the franticness of our last week in Toronto.

Here are a few highlights from our last few days:

  • 283 packed boxes over the span of 2 days (not packed by us, thankfully!)
  • 1 successful car return… and the salesman even dropped us off at the subway after
  • 1 PVR/DVR sale… Though Rich did accidentally offer it to 2 people at once. They both arrived at the same time so the buyer was determined by a coin toss. Though a good day for us, it was a bad day for Edward (the person who lost the coin toss).
  • $170 worth of coins spent. Instead of paying the fee to convert our change we decided to spend it! It was fun for the first few days (and when we were spending anything greater than a quarter), but got increasingly infuriating as the coins got smaller. Dd you know a parking meter will only take $1.25 of nickels and dimes? That equates to about 30 minutes of parking in Toronto.


  • 1 stolen bike. This is actually not a bad thing! Rich’s bike was rubbish. Instead of taking it to Cincinnati we decided to “let it go” and put it in the bike rack underneath my building. Bikes are hot objects in Toronto!

Bike at 9 am


Bike rack at 4 pm


Toronto, we will miss you! You’ve been a wonderful home for us for the last 3 years.


2 responses to “Here we go!

  1. Love the updates and how it’s written with your distinct voice. Lovely way to ditch your bike too. Do you think someone will always carry some extra guilt with them for stealing it? Glad you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year!

  2. Greetings from Africa!! We’re on honeymoon across SA & Mozambique, so alas our paths will not cross.

    But wow! What an amazing adventure you have ahead of you, looks so fabulous, enjoy every minute of it!

    Happy new year, all the best,
    Mabel x

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