This time for Africa

We’re lucky.  Really lucky.  I never thought I’d do anything like this.  Traveling to a continent that I never thought I’d go to…and for three months… camping?  Thank you to my wonderful husband for encouraging me to experience new things.

Here’s our itinerary for the first 42 days to hopefully entice you to follow us!

Screen shot 2012-12-02 at 10.02.53 PM


3 responses to “This time for Africa

  1. WOW 3 months camping? well, I guess it is just another kind of Jungle, right? I can only imagine the great enlightening moments, you will live.
    All the best to you always. Karen Martinez

  2. B!!! I can’t believe you’re camping in Africa for 3 months! I will definitely follow your blog. Sonexciting for you guys! XO Oh-I think we are planning to attend the GCC 10 yr reunion. You? I’d LOVE to see you, and meet Richard. 🙂

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